Use of cookies

The website of Dermacol at saves cookies on the website users’ devices in compliance with the applicable legislation.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files saved by the server on a computer or mobile device upon loading a website. The files enable the website to ensure its regular operation and to remember action, settings or preferences of the user. Cookies do not pose a risk for a computer or a mobile device; however, they are important for privacy protection because they make it possible to store information about the use of a website.

Dermacol uses cookies on its website for the purposes of proper functioning of the website and customizing the website content to user preferences.

What types of cookies the website uses:

Cookies enabling general operation of the website

These cookies are essential for website operation and no consent to the use of these cookies is required. Without these cookies some website functions are not possible.

Performance cookies

These cookies collect anonymous information about visited websites. By accessing the website you consent to these cookies being stored on your device. The cookies collect information on how visitors use the website, e.g. what websites they visit most often and if they get any error messages from a website. The cookies do not collect any identification data about the user; all information is aggregated and therefore anonymous. The cookies are used only to improve the operation of the website.

Functional cookies

These cookies remember all your choices and based on that they improve the user comfort when using the website. By accessing the website you consent to these cookies being stored on your device.

By means of functional cookies the website can remember your choices or the current state of the website (e.g. last teaser shown, type of device used for accessing the website) broadening the functionalities of the website according to your needs. These cookies can also remember user’s changes of font size, font type and other parts of the website. Information collected by means of these cookies can be anonymous and do not track your activities when visiting other websites.

Cookies enabling targeting online advertising

These cookies collect information on your searching habits and target advertising accordingly to match your interests and personality.

These cookies are used in order to better target advertising to users. They are also used to reduce advertising for an individual user and to increase the efficiency of advertising campaigns. The cookies are usually placed on the website by third parties with the consent of the website operator. The cookies remember that the user visited the website and share this information with other subjects. They are often connected with a functionality of the website provided by another subject.

Third-party cookies

Dermacol allows some business partners to use cookies via the company’s website to provide selected services to the company. These include in particular analyses of website usage level, market and marketing activities. In addition, Dermacol also uses Google Analytics to track the website’s usage level and traffic.

How to disable cookies?

The user can disable the storage and use of cookies in the settings of its web browser. The web browser can be usually set to always ask the user before saving a cookie whether the user wants to save the cookie or not. Cookies can also be completely blocked in the browser’s settings. However, in such a case certain parts of the website might not function properly. In the web browser it is also possible to delete the cookies already saved on the device.

For more information on how to regulate the use of the cookies visit: The above website is not operated by Dermacol and Dermacol is not therefore responsible for the content of the website.