Contouring Brush D57


Volume / Weight: 0.1


Easy & comfortable application

High quality synthetic hair

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Additional information


Contouring of the face using a bronzer: Apply a bronzer onto your skin, combined with a foundation. Use short and precise strokes, proceeding from the ear to the corner of your mouth. Your cheekbones will seem to recede and your face will appear narrower. Also, apply the bronzer onto your temples, close to the hairline, to make the center of your forehead stand out. Do not forget about your chin, the sides of your nose and the jawline to sculpt all your facial features.
Contouring of the face using a highlighter: Make your face appear longer by applying a highlighter above and below your eyebrows and onto your chin. You can also use it to soften any dark areas along the nose. If you want to make your nose seem narrower, make a thin line from the bridge to the tip. To brighten certain parts of your face, apply it onto the cheekbones and above the upper lip.


– Easy & comfortable application
– High quality synthetic hair



This cosmetics brush is ideal for face contouring with a compact make-up, bronzer or highlighter. Thanks to its high quality synthetic hair, it does not leave any streaks and allows for an even application to achieve the perfect look. Recommended care: Wash the brush regularly in a gentle shampoo as needed and let it air-dry. Do not submerge the metal or wooden parts into water unless absolutely necessary.

Contouring Brush D57